Clay Campbell


It all started when...

I came to love all things equine as an adult, after moving to California from my native Arkansas in 2008. It quickly became obvious to me that any hours spent at the barn were among my best times. After years of another career, months of consideration, and lots of love and support from my friends and family, I decided to go all in and become a full-time farrier. I attended Mission Farrier School and studied under Mark Plumlee and had an exceptional experience with a class and community of farriers who always put the care of the horse first. I strive to uphold these standards everyday, putting the well being of any horse I encounter above everything else.

I have lived in Los Angeles since 2009 and have enjoyed riding in Burbank for the past 6 years. When not shoeing, I love spending time with my girlfriend, Doreese and our rescue dog, Scarlet.